Pallet Deliveries for eBay Sellers

When it comes to purchasing or selling items through eBay, we don’t currently have a dedicated eBay delivery service available. In short, eBay has left this task in the hands of the certified eBay couriers, which you’ll need to look for if you want a certain item delivered.

Now, let’s see how an eBay pallet delivery works for sellers!

Info on eBay Couriers

So, what is an eBay courier?

Well, such a courier is usually an individual company that are specialists in the collection and delivery of products that are listed on eBay. Even though there are thousands of items listed as “pick up only” on eBay, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be the one to pick them up.

In short, a dedicated eBay courier company will make sure that you’ll get the items you’ve won on an eBay action delivered straight to your door.


In terms of compatibility with the eBay website, depending on your eBay courier company choice, they may have one very handy feature available for you.

By providing the courier with only your item’s number, they’ll be able to find out the information they need for the delivery, such as dimensions, weight, as well as location.

Basically, when ordering a delivery via an eBay courier, all you have to do is provide them with your eBay user ID and, obviously, the eBay item number.

Choosing an eBay Courier

When it comes to finding and choosing an eBay courier, first of all, you must know what type of delivery you are in need of – for example, in case of a pallet or more, you will certainly want to rely on an eBay pallet courier.

In order to find such a courier, you can either scout the web or find a website that deals with auctions for eBay couriers. Basically, you post your delivery job on one of those websites and eBay couriers will bid on it.

Moreover, most of these websites are based on reverse auctions. This means that, with every bid on your delivery request, the cost will get lower and lower.

Furthermore, these websites come with a database of eBay couriers that also includes comments, ratings, and reviews of the couriers. You’ll be able to check out a certain courier and see if they are in good standing, so to say.

PalletOnline for eBay Sellers

Basically, if you purchase or sell mainly on eBay, you do have certified delivery services available – the only downside may be the fact that you, not eBay, have to search for them.

However, you have various options, especially in the UK, where a whole network of couriers is now available for those that buy/sell on eBay. Given the fact that most of the companies in the network are specialists in the delivery of large items – such as home ware, car parts, furniture, and so on – you’ll have no trouble in finding one that deals with pallet deliveries.

July 5, 2019 10:04 am